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Feature highlights

Easy installation

Ajenti is installed through your system's package manager. Installation only takes a minute.

Existing configuration

Picks up your current configuration and and works on your existing system as-is, without any preparation.


Does not overwrite your config files, options and comments. All changes are non-destructive.

Batteries included

Includes lots of plugins for system and software configuration, monitoring and management.


Ajenti is easily extensible using Python. Plugin development is fast and pleasant with Ajenti APIs.


Pleasant to look at, satisfying to click and accessible anywhere from tablets and mobile.


Small memory footprint and CPU usage. Runs on low-end machines, wall plugs, routers and so on.


We listen to your feedback and add features in the fast-paces weekly release cycle.


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Ajenti V is a plugin suite for Ajenti, which adds fast, efficient and easy-to-setup web hosting capabilities.

Feature highlights

Easy web hosting

Ajenti V makes website setup easy - including app servers, database, and routing.

Language support

PHP (PHP-FPM), Python (WSGI), Ruby (Puma and Unicorn) and Node.js are supported.


Automatic configuration of Exim 4 and Courier IMAP, including virtual e-mails, DKIM, DMARC and SPF.

CLI interface

Includes tools for CLI control, deployment, and CI integration.

Pro stack

Web server


App servers






Ajenti V

At the moment, Ajenti V is a beta.

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Ajenti Platform

Use Ajenti core as a base for your own web-interface. Ajenti is highly modular and be taken apart, extended and reassembled in numerous ways.

You can use Ajenti Platform to develop custom web UI for your services or hardware.

Dev docs Commercial licensing

Commercial support

We provide plugin/core development, enhancement and customization services.

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